Shrubbery for Landscaping

Some of home landscaping mistakes may not be very noticeable at first, but as the plants grow they become more obvious – such as a tall plant hiding a window. Not only is it unattractive, it also blots out the movement of air and light through the windows. Fall has arrived and this means the season is right to make new plantings or to correct some old ones. Here are some suggestions:

With few exceptions, foundation shrubs should be evergreens. There is a trend away from using flower beds in front of the foundation shrubs, although this is more a matter of personal preference. An excellent way to decide the forms and species of shrubs for the foundation planting is to view the house through a camera. This way, it’s easier to visualize the shrubs that are needed to blend the house to the ground, accent the doorway, play up windows, soften corners and create an overall picture of good design.

Consider using as small a variety of different kinds of shrubs as possible. Grouping shrubs in triangles of threes or fives gives a pleasing informal effect. Usually, plants in small groups are of the same species. The shrubs placed on either side of the front door are very important. This is where you should use the finest of your evergreens. As with all evergreens, allow room for growth.

Here are some other points:

– Leaving open spaces in the foundation plantings can have the effect of “widening” the house. This might be considered if your house is small
– A continuous planting of shrubs conceals a high foundation and makes it more attractive.
– Don’t plant shrubs too close to the house. They should be located so they never touch the house as they grow and mature. A good rule of thumb for most plants is to give them at least four feet distance from the building.
-In selecting plant species, get to know what they look like before buying.

Study them at a local landscaping Kelowna nursery. Another good place to observe mature specimens that are adapted to your area and grow with relative freedom from insects and diseases is old cemeteries.

You can often find specimens that have had no attention for years. For more detailed information on landscaping, visit your county extension office.

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