Kelowna Carpet Cleaning Tips

Home décor is an important part of everyone’s lives. People would spend their time and money to adorn a place that can provide comfort and peace to its residents with the most beautiful and exquisite materials available in the range of their affordability. However, the most important part where people focus on for the utmost beautification of their homes is the decoration of the floor. While changing the type of flooring can cost people a fortune, another more affordable option is to install carpets.

Carpets and Their Importance

Carpets are a treasurable piece of art when it comes to home décor. They can add warmth and livelihood to homes by adding color, pattern, and texture. For these precious ornaments, it is necessary to keep them clean and regularly vacuumed to protect them against the accumulation of dirt and dust that damages the fiber. Moreover, care must be taken with spillages over the carpets.

However, no matter how much care is taken for the carpets not to get filthy, they need to be deeply cleaned every once in a while. Deep cleaning of the carpets can be a husky task. There are also many incidents where carpets can experience stubborn stains that ruin their splendor, but there is no need to worry about them since the value of the carpets can still be preserved. There are some wonderful carpet cleaning tips that will make the job easier for people.

Cleaning Tips

One of the most important advice to make deep cleaning easier is to regularly maintain carpets by vacuuming them with an efficient machine. This regular maintenance prolongs the life of a carpet and prevents dust build-up.

In the market, many cleaning powders and shampoos for carpets are available that are remarkable for sanitizing the carpets and are tough on arduous stains. Powders can be applied by liberally sprinkling over the carpet and leaving them for 30 minutes. It gives the powder time to work and soften the stains. Then, the powder can be vacuumed thoroughly.

Cleaning shampoos, on the other hand, need to be prepared into a solution first. Then, the solution is applied to the carpet. The amount applied should be just enough to cover the carpet as wetting the carpet too much would increase the drying time significantly. While wet, the stubborn stains should be scrubbed with a hard-bristled brush. Then, the carpet can be vacuumed once dried.

Some other tips would be to blot the fresh stains rather than rubbing them rigorously. Rubbing grounds the stains into the carpet and damages the fabric. If the resilient stain is small, shaving cream can be applied to clean it as the cream is known to remove almost every type of stain. For removing dried gum from the carpet, it must be thoroughly hardened first with an ice cube. Once dried, the carpet can be cut as close to the gum as possible for minimal adverse effects to the carpet. For grease, a few drops of dishwashing detergent should be applied to the spot and it can be blotted with an absorbent cloth.

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